Rochelle 'Leanne' White
Rochelle White is a mother, filmmaker, artist, and entrepreneur. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Behavioral Health and a Master’s degree in Business Administration.  She has exhibited her multi-media paintings at the Mayors Office ENDGBV in partnership with Escape Artist Collective group exhibition in 2018 and 2019.
In 2012, Rochelle became a certified yoga instructor. Shortly after getting her certificate she formed the mobile fitness company, Creative Mindz Yoga ™, which provides on-location fitness and meditation services through out New York. Recently she launched a meditation curriculum called Creative Mindz Yoga ™ M.A.P. ©. M.A.P. is being use to promote mindfulness in schools, worksites, and for creative professionals.
She operates a production company called Mindz Productions, which hones in on the power of story telling and art to bring attention to social causes.  Her award-winning short documentary P.S. I can’t Breathe can be found in colleges and universities throughout the world. P.S. I Can’t Breathe won an award of recognition from the Best Shorts Competition and included in Indie Wire's article as number 8 in "What to Watch This Weekend: 15 Short Films That Say #BlackLivesMatter." She has screened films at the Winter Film Awards, Commffest Global Community Festival, Short Film Corner in the Cannes, in various museums, and schools. She is currently working on two feature social impact documentaries ‘Middle Men Documentary Trilogy’ and ‘Meet Lila Green’ in different phases of production.  
She believes that entrepreneurship and creativity can be a great tool to achieve healing. It is because of this the combination of film and fitness she is able to commit to her creative passion and offer career opportunities to others. She will tell you she is blessed and is working to build a closer spiritual relationship with God as a Christian.
You can connect with her on LinkedIn at Rochelle Leanne White and follow her on Instagram @rochelleleanne. Please visit and for more information.

Place of Birth: Reading Pennsylvania
Current Residence: Brooklyn, New York
Education: Masters Degree