The United States continues to lack in commitment to girls and women's safety against sexual assault. Kavanaugh is just one of many injustice and despicable black clouds on this country. Women need to be listened to and respected. The irony of Kavanaugh being a swing vote for the issue of abortion reveals how disconnected those in power are to women in the United States. Over and over the justice system gives minimal sentences, if any at all to men convicted of rape or sexual assault. Non-violent drug crimes garner larger sentences then those that scar a woman's soul and physically subject her to what could be a life time of physiological trauma. Many times the woman is questioned about 'WHY' she was there or 'WHY' she wore a revealing outfit. If she is in a relationship or was on a date with the individual who assaulted her, she is faced with an embarrassing up hill battle. She may question and blame herself more so than the person who carried out the assault.
DOES IT COUNT? Is an #art piece created to evoke awareness around sexual assault and rape in relationships.
Many men and women are uneducated about consent in relationships and it can be a confusing, conflicting, cloudy line. This line is used to NOT convict men/boys who commit these acts because society suggests that for a woman, being in the relationship/out on a date/being around an ex-boyfriend or someone who she was sexually active with in the past entitles the other person to sex.
The confusing issues around emotions make these situations even more complex and hurtful. Even if a girl or woman chooses to have #sex with this person in the future, the Incident will linger in the relationship for years to come.
Healing and talking about something that makes you feel uncomfortable as a woman or a girl is your right! There is no entitlement to another persons body.
#Women are not property. Your significant other is not property even in marriage. It is a respectable union between two consenting adults at all times.
Respect, love, and honor will never be in the same space as confusion. Sexual assault does not always have to be brutal or make sense. It is a process to learn more.
I Corinthians 13:1-13 is a great example of what is suppose to be. Sometimes the assault can be done out of spite, out of anger, or jealously, it does not always have to be lust.
And if you were ever assaulted, know you are not at fault. You are not the incident. You are a full person, that holds a vast body of experience and life. You are greater! 🙏