Middlemen provides a look beyond the short-lived media frenzy, of some of the most high-profile cases of police brutality in the US. Following a string of police shootings of unarmed black men lies the stories of the families left behind in the aftermath in a blue line society.
Middle Men documents the journey of five parents of children who share a tragic, common thread—their children were all slain, whether by bullets, or by a brutal chokehold—by the NYPD. Armed with hard statistics, Middle Men illustrates the pressure on NYPDs’ officers to ‘collar’ and ‘Stop and Frisk’, targeting communities of color, both by-products of CompStat. The police program guided by statistics and quota, neglects to shield those officers (middlemen) are sworn to protect. The vicious cycle of repeated brutality and mistrust born thereof connects the dots between policing and rising mass incarceration, revealing the slow desecration of constitutional rights. These grieving parents demonstrate that the losses of Black lives are not mere statistics but the consequences of the systematic failure of policing principles. Together, they aim to prevent history from repeating itself by creating equality in America to save the future generations of children.
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