Mindz Productions
Rochelle White is the founder and owner of Mindz Productions.  Mindz Productions supports documentary and fiction films.  The organization provides mentorship and internships to talent who wants to break into the creative side of film while also cultivating partnerships with seasoned professionals.
We won the Ocktober Film Festival Award for Best Animation!!!!
We were able to bring home the Award for Best Animation! We hope the more people watch our short film they will find peace in uncertain times.
"A raging Desert allows her frustration grows to the point it almost consumes her! She is scared the moon may never return! But as the cycle of nature unfolds, the Desert soon learns she has no other choice but to trust in its wisdom."

This film is part of ExhilaFit™ Mindful Aware Present Curriculum.
Please contact Rochelle to see a screener of the full film.