On-Location Yoga and Meditation Helps to Cultivate an Attractive and Productive Company
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Written in 2014 by Rochelle White
Productive talent is the most vital asset a company can acquire but the methods of how to retain and cultivate this talent is subject to the experiences offered by the company.  Great bosses are already on the ball when it comes to promoting a healthy culture in their companies.  The commonality for employers to provide perks, amenities, and flexible work arrangements are becoming a standard practice.  To attract an unbeatable, hardworking team dedicated to the company’s mission and vision, employers must think outside the box.
Employers ignoring their employees’ need for work life balance and amenities forge the possibility of losing their best talent to competitors, thus operating with a mediocre workforce while competitors are operating with a superior one.  Common perks which are high in demand are on-location fitness activities. Not only do these activities curb stress, tension, and disease but they are enjoyable! For many with rigorous schedules, it is the only way a daily workout out is possible. This gesture also shows an employer cares about their employees. 
Of all the types of fitness activities implemented, Yoga and Meditation seem to exercise the greatest promise toward measurable reductions of stress, fatigue, and illness.  A workplace study conducted by the APA found “mindfulness and yoga interventions demonstrated marginal improvements in breathing rate, and significant improvements in heart rhythm coherence, a measure of autonomic balance.”
From blood flow and energy to detoxifying the organs and relieving stress, steady breathing is vital to the health of the mind and body. Heart rhythm reflects on the health of the cardiovascular system and blood pressure.  Autonomic balance is when both branches of the nervous system are in a state of homeostasis which is the best way for the body to operate – all of which can be drastically affected by elevated stress levels.  This type of work pressure also hinders a talented person’s capability to produce their best work.  Fatigued, chronically ill, depressed, or anxious staffs reinforce a somber company culture where co-worker and customer relationships become thwarted.
Yoga and meditation provide a solution to this fast-paced life. The holistic solution helps with healing by acting as a powerful tool that kindles self-discipline, positivity, and tolerance.
Take care of your talent and they will take care of you. Any age, body type, or experience level, Yoga is a practice that invites people to practice just as they are. This may very well be one of the reasons Yoga and Mediation have become so popular. If you are looking for ideas to help bring your staff back to life, unaware, maybe set up a class. Do not be afraid to think outside the box. One thing is for sure, when employers show they care, employees show gratitude and appreciation with loyalty, productivity, and giving their best. Namaste.
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